Hello and welcome to my new updated website… It’s definitely long overdue. It just took a while for me to get used to balancing home life and work life after having my 3rd child. But now that the youngest is turning 3, my days are a little more stable and I have time to take on more projects.

So WHY A WORDPRESS website? As a designer, the worse thing you can do is give them a template and say work around that… but that’s exactly what I did. Looking at the trend of design, I realized that a lot of my clients and most industries in general are wanting something more streamline and user friendly. Because of that WordPress has become a norm. Back in the day, I would design and would have a programmer code everything from scratch. (Very rare to be able to find a designer that can do both and be very good at it!) It was a long tedious process. Whenever a change needed to be done, we would have to go back and forth with the programmer. Now most companies use WordPress for their website because it eliminates the need for a programmer (or a designer) and one can simply do it themselves. It’s easier and economical. So with that I wanted to see for myself how feasible this was and took on the challenge of learning how to design with a preexisting template and making it my own.

Since this is my first attempt, I’m sure as I learn more my website will evolve. But for now, I think this is a great way to get myself introduced to this trend of designing websites. Please feel free to browse though and let me know what you think!